Rules for Entering a Theory Exam

1. Examinees should check the exam location, date, and time before the exam.
2. Examinees must bring their exam ID card and show it to the exam officer at the exam room when ready to sign in and enter the exam room.
3. Examinees are not permitted to bring books, textbooks, or documents, as well as communication devices of every kind, into the exam room (other than pencils, pens, erasers, or erasing liquid only).
4. Examinees must be dressed appropriately, politely, and correctly according to the time and place.
5. Examinees are not permitted to enter the exam room 10 minutes after the exam has started. If an applicant is unable to enter the room on time they will be considered absent and must register for the exam again.
6. Examinees must send the answer sheet after the exam has started for at least 45 minutes.
7. After submitting the answer sheet or exam paper, examinees are unable to re-enter the exam room.
8. After submitting the answer sheet or exam paper and after leaving the exam room, it is considered the end of the exam process and applicants are no longer in the responsibility of the Thailand International Music Examination.