General Information

This section contains information about the rules and policies for exams in the current program. This general information is advantageous and all applicants should know it.


Assessment Criteria

For giving exam points and grades, the exam committee will give points individually for each exam, regardless of any learning received in the past and also any learning the examinee may receive in the future.  Also, exam results cannot be used in any way for any exams in the future.  Finally, applicants must accept the exam results and are not able to ask for an exam grade change in every case.

Grade Received Point Level
Pass with First Class Honors 90% and above
Pass with Second Class Honors 80 – 89%  
Pass with Merit 70 – 79%
Pass   60 – 69%
Not Pass Less than 60%


Exam Result Announcements

The Thailand International Music Examination, College of Music, Mahidol University, will announce exam results within 30 days after the exam (from the day of the last exam). The announcement will come from every TIME exam center and the website of the College of Music, Mahidol University and the website of the Thailand International Music Examination ( Results will also be announced by mail.